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Selecting a Paint Company: Small or Large?

Painting companies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are drawn to a small team or a large company to tackle a painting project in your home or business, there are pros and cons to consider for both.

Small Companies


Small paint companies may only have one or two painters on staff and oftentimes the owner is one of them.  This allows the client to have easy access to the owner if there are any issues or concerns with the project. Quality workmanship and hands-on customer service are essential for the success of a small company, and with the owner working alongside their staff, with a brush in their hand, you are more likely to find this.


Scheduling and availability may be an issue for a small paint company.  Since there are fewer painters on staff, they can quickly become booked up and projects may need to be scheduled well in advance.  This smaller pool of labour may also impact the duration of a project and the company’s ability to complete it in a timely manner.

Insurance is an important consideration that can be an issue with a smaller outfit.  The process of securing WSIB and liability insurance can be costly and intimidating, and some smaller companies simply do not carry them.

It should also be known that in any industry, there are some small, “fly by night” contractors who are not qualified and do not provide quality work.  Unfortunately, these few tend to give the whole construction industry a bad name.  It is important to research companies, read reviews and seek references first to ensure you are hiring an experienced and competent small paint company.

Large Companies


Larger painting contractors have more staff and can handle multiple projects at once.  They often have a quicker turn-around for project completion, as they can assign more labour on the job.  They also offer more specialized options including spray and stain, or expertise in commercial or residential settings. This expert one-stop-shop approach is made possible because a larger, well-established company attracts passionate, talented staff who just want to paint and not run their own business, as well as project managers who are talented in directing work and solving problems.

Larger companies will also carry more liability insurance and WSIB, and have a variety of specific training and certifications, including safety training, lift tickets and working at heights training.


With a large company, the owner may not be on site everyday – although they are still ultimately responsibility for the quality of the project. Also, the estimator is not necessarily the painter, so knowledge of the scope of work needs to be accurately transferred to the site.

However, as companies grow, standard operating procedures, work orders, uniforms and standard product choices stabilize and become more seamless.

Small or large? That is the question.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both that must be considered when planning your upcoming painting project. Here at Refined Painting, we are a multi-crew team, offering a variety of services with painters who specialize in smaller and occupied residential projects as well as large commercial production jobs. We offer the best of both worlds! Contact us today for more information and to discuss your upcoming project.