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Residential Painting in Guelph

There’s no shortage of painters around Guelph, so, why choose Refined Painting? Your home is your castle, and like any King or Queen you deserve the best. Simply put, we are refined; we’ve cultivated our craft to provide painting that is precise, polished and free of imperfections. To us, that means we aren’t your run of the mill “guy (or gal) in a truck.” We love to paint. We enjoy working with our hands and through our passion we take pride in everything we do – from the simplest to most complex jobs.

People who think they are painters are a dime a dozen, but professional, trained and fully insured painters who finish your project on time and within the budget you were quoted are not so common.

The team at Refined Painting are fully trained and insured including WSIB insurance, WHIMIS, Elevated Work Platforms, and Working at Heights Training.  We have earned a reputation for professional, no-nonsense painting that will exceed your expectations and transform your home.

Refined Painting is an industry leader in both interior and exterior residential painting, and with decades of experience we have the size, equipment, and expertise to tackle any residential painting job. No job is too big or too small for our attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship. We can handle any substrate (brick, wood, drywall, metal, concrete, and everything in between including fibreglass doors), work at any height, and we can even coordinate with the other contractors you’ve hired to hit your deadlines.

Watching Paint Dry Isn’t As Boring As You’d Think

You know you’ve hired the right people when they’re this passionate about painting! Refined Painting’s exceptional crew wanted to showcase our meticulous work, while sharing with you how we tackle a painting job from start to finish (sure it’s just one wall, but you get the idea)! See for yourself the difference that a coat of paint can make to your space.

The advantage of a fresh coat of paint

Residential painting is both aesthetic and highly functional. Paint is the most influential factor in your home’s atmosphere. It dictates the mood and style, and can make or break your interior decorating.

Exterior painting is just as important and influential. In today’s hot property market hitting the right note with your exterior paint will boost your curb appeal, and could boost your home’s value by thousands of dollars when you’re looking to sell– talk about a return on investment!

But painting your residential property is not just an aesthetic decision. Paint helps maintain your property, protecting your investment from rust, weather, and other issues that can cause serious damage if not addressed.

Of course your residence is more than just an important asset, it is your home. Finding the perfect paint job to match your personality and vision is the most important thing, and Refined Painting is here to help make your dream a reality.

A good coat of paint makes managing your residential property or rental unit a little easier

Like any business, client perception is critical. A professionally painted residential property will attract buyers and help your rental units hit capacity with a better class of tenants, but a property with water stains, peeling wallpaper, or other painting-related issues will send them running straight to your competitors.

Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways of completely transforming a property. Dirty, peeling, or water-stained walls, and out-of-date colours can make a room feel dirty and claustrophobic no matter how clean or big it may be. A fresh coat of paint will turn a dated property into a best seller.

Whether you’re a home owner or property manager, contact us today for a free quote and discover how Refined Painting will transform your property!