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Our success is built on our reputation for delivering to clients the top quality painting results they expect. We stand behind each and every project that we complete, and are proud to showcase some of our recent success stories.

Guelph Transit Terminal

Over the years the terminal had gone through several upgrades and was a mishmash of past renovations. In dire need of maintenance, the City of Guelph tendered the project in 2013, but did not proceed until 2016. By that time the terminal was old, tired and worn down due to heavy public use.


Prior to our arrival the General Contractor had to deal with failing ceiling plaster, damaged exterior wood, and a general state of disrepair. The Guelph Transit Terminal is a Registered Historical Building, and preserving as much of the original design and features as possible was imperative.

The real challenge, however was timing.

Painters are almost always the last contractors to visit a site. We are the finishing touch that ties all the renovations together. In the case of the Guelph Transit Terminal the sheer complexity of the work caused by the building’s general disrepair meant that small delays throughout the construction process easily compounded, which put our team on an extremely tight timeline to finish painting before the cold weather set in (which we did, thanks to a long, warm fall season).

What we did

We’re experienced and we relied on that experience to remain professional. We used proper lines of communication to coordinate and address any challenges that arose during the project with our fellow contractors and stake holders.

On such a large project with so many outside factors we knew that our key to success would be our flexibility. We managed to stay on schedule by working with the General Contractor, using every scheduling opportunity to complete work.

All the delays threatened to push us back until after painting season which could have seriously impacted our work, but thanks to our ability to coordinate timing, resources, and space with our fellow contractors we completed the project on time.

The exterior wood was failing when we arrived but it was scraped and we primed it with an oil based primer, then two tinted top coats. All-in-all our work helped restore the historical, curved ceiling, walls, and exterior wood soffit.


The result? The Guelph Transit Terminal is a clean, modern building that retains its registered historical status and is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous.

The building is now abuse-resistant, safer, and user friendly. Refined Painting, alongside hardworking General Contractors like Collaborative Structures Ltd., breathed new life into the building.

Raymond Sewing Factory

The Raymond Sewing Factory was a large 16-Bachelor unit and a commercial space, but a catastrophic fire (which started on the main floor restaurant) gutted the interior and there was very little to be salvaged. Extensive smoke and water damage meant that much of the building had to be restored.

When the construction started all that remained was a shell of the original building.


Many of the units had 10-ft ceilings and much of the work was three-stories up. There were few straight or square walls, making matters even more difficult.  Overall in terms of volume and complexity, this was our biggest project to date —but we love a challenge!

The main challenge wasn’t the work itself, it was the scheduling and volume of work. There was a lot to do, and the tenants had a set move-in date. By the time they were due to reoccupy the building we had to make sure that everything was perfect and fully restored.

What we did

We were tasked with painting all 16 units, as well as the corridors, ceilings, wood trim, and stair towers. In addition, we did the exterior soffit and a decorative fascia at roof level. Our Working at Heights Training meant that the team was comfortable tackling the job using an elevated work platform to scrape, prime and paint three-stories up.


We completed the project on time and according to schedule which meant that the tenants were able to move back in as planned. As the project progressed the scope of our duties increased, but we were able to tackle them by remaining flexible.

Today the space is beautiful, the tenants are happy, it’s fully occupied, and the Raymond Sewing Factory continues to be a landmark building in downtown Guelph.

Our next success story

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