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The Environmentally Sustainable Paint Products We Love

Whether you’re in your home, workplace, or school, you want to know that you’re surrounded by safe, environmentally sustainable products. In Guelph we’re quite fortunate to live in a community where environmental issues are top of mind. At Refined Painting we focus on what matters to our community, which means that environmentally conscious choices are…

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Top Colours for 2018

Every year, top paint manufacturers predict the hot colour trends in paint and design that will influence the upcoming season, and 2018 is no different. There are spectacular palettes on the horizon this year, ranging from natural and sophisticated to vibrant and complex.  Check out the following colour choices forecasted for this year by four…

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Paint Industry Experts to Follow in the New Year

If, like us, you’re interested in staying on top of the paint, construction and design industry for news and inspiration, then check out these industry leaders. They’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to sharing great ideas and relevant industry news on social media!  These experts are ones to watch and follow…

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History Takes Center Stage at 110 Stanley Street

What lengths would you go to preserve a piece of your family’s history? Nancy Anderson had long dreamed of restoring her grandparents’ home to its original glory, for the town of Ayr and for her family to enjoy. The property, 110 Stanley Street in Ayr is where her grandparents lived from 1923 until the late…

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Painting Tricks for the Trick or Treat Season

  Is your bathroom the colour of a witch’s wart?  Does your living room look as dingy as a ghosts’ bedsheet?  If your homes’ interior makes you moan like Frankenstein, it may be time to consider a fresh coat of paint! October is the perfect month to tackle an overdue paint project, and boy, do…

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Selecting a Paint Company: Small or Large?

Painting companies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are drawn to a small team or a large company to tackle a painting project in your home or business, there are pros and cons to consider for both. Small Companies Pros Small paint companies may only have one or two painters on staff and…

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How to Pick the Right Interior Paint and Sheen

When you are planning a new coat of paint to your home, it is important to know what type of paint you are covering. Always check the type of current paint by testing a small area with acetone – if the paint turns soft and sticky, it is latex, however if there is no change…

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How to Pick the Right Exterior Primer

With the right coat of paint, you can make your house a home. Just remember that there’s much more to paint than choosing the colour. Exterior Jobs When picking paint for the exterior of your home you need to consider a variety of factors, chief among them: weather. Paint helps protect your home from the…

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Boost the Value of Your Property with a Simple Coat of Paint

Sprucing up your property will increase its value, but for landlords, homeowners, or property managers on a budget, painting gives you the most bang for your buck. To make the most out of your investment, you need to do more than paint, you need to choose the right colour. According to, the real estate…

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