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Exterior Paint Job Ideas for Home and Business Owners

An exterior paint job is an excellent way to freshen up the look of your home or business, and the fall is the perfect time to do so. When it comes to transforming your building’s façade, you have a lot of options.

It really is incredible what a fresh coat of paint can do, but at Refined Painting we do so much more. From preparing and caulking your exterior to applying stains and paint, our skilled team includes additional contractors who can tackle your job, even if it’s uniquely challenging.

Things to consider

  • Colour palettes and schemes that work with preexisting elements
  • The design style of your building
  • The condition of the exterior of your home
  • The material of your home’s exterior – from stucco to brick to wood, there are a lot of different options out there and your paint or stain must be researched to ensure the product is correct for the substrate and existing product currently on your home
  • Sun exposure and weathering

Have a clear vision

Before you hire a painting company, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re hoping to accomplish. Visualize what you’d like your home to look like once the project is complete, because you’ll need to communicate those expectations to the company you hire.

Do all prep work ahead of time

As with any project, there is some prep work you’ll need to do ahead of time, even if you hire a painting company. Be prepared to shift your exterior furniture and move vehicles to allow some additional space for workers to access different areas, and realize that your backyard oasis will look less inviting for a while as the work continues until completion. 

Exterior paint projects include more than the façade

The façade of your building is a great place to start, but to showcase your work you’ll want to update these other smaller areas of your building as well:

Garage doors

What to consider – Due to the size of the door and amount of colour they project, garage doors are a major focal point of a home.  Door jambs, in particular, are wood more often than not and require more maintenance. This is an easy fix and cost-effective maintenance.

Benefits – A simple cost-effective way to transform the look of your home.

Front door

What to consider – The front door is a focal point and it’s crucial to your curb appeal, so it’s important to paint it as well. Perhaps you want to change up the colour, or refresh the existing stain? We can help with that, even on fiberglass doors.

Benefits – A simple change of colour on a door can completely alter the overall appearance of any building. It offers big gains for such a small amount of work. It’s a relatively inexpensive project to take on, and you can use the same colour on your shutters or window trim for a completely uniform look.

The fall weather lends itself well to painting or refinishing the exterior of your home or business. Give the team at Refined Painting a call to schedule your next project.