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Top Five Paint Transformations for Your Home

Switching up an existing paint colour, or adding a new one, is a great way to transform and modernize any space. Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home, try utilizing any one of these ideas, or use a few of them, for an even bigger transformation that won’t put you over budget.


Kitchen renovations can be costly and messy. But you can freshen up your kitchen with a few coats of paint. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets white, which will make the space appear larger. If you have a kitchen island, try adding a new colour to it. Something a little more vibrant will nicely offset your newly painted cabinets. Lastly, try adding some colour to your backsplash. You can never go wrong adding some black to contrast with the cabinets to create a classic look.


Give your home the curb appeal it deserves. Take a look at your garage door, front door, and even those well-maintained window and door trims, you might like to spruce them up with a fresh coat of colour, or try a new colour to really create something fresh. Grey has become extremely popular in colour palettes the past few years. A general concept is to avoid multiple materials or colours on your home’s exterior. This can create lines that break up the house into parts, which can cause it to appear smaller.

Guest room

Make your guest room a place that your family and friends will enjoy spending a night or two. Try using a calm backdrop, such as warm greys and whites, while layering in splashes of more bold colours. This can be done by adding an accent wall or two, while also accenting with bedding, throw blankets and pillows that will bring the whole room together.


The biggest issue for a lot of people’s basements is the need to eliminate that dark and dingy feeling. Paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so. Use light colours, such as whites, greens, blues or for something really bold and warm, yellow. Using light colours will also help reflect light and help make your basement appear larger than it might actually be.

Master bedroom 

Nothing is cozier than a comfortable and inviting master bedroom. There are a variety of paint options that you can use to transform the look of the space and not lose any of its appeal. This room almost more than any space should have the most of your personality in it. If you love green, use green. If red is your colour, use red. Remember that red can be highly stimulating, which may not help with sleeping but can create and enhance a mood. Find your base colour and branch off from there. Use a correlating colour for the room’s trim and an accent wall if you want. Then splice in some accessories, like art decor, pillows and furniture to tie the whole design together.

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